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Travel Leagues: These offerings provide a more competitive environment and more advanced development focus. Travel leagues are still loaded with fun, while also seeking to challenge players at each level. The commitment level for Travel leagues is typically 5-6 days per week of programming throughout the season and carries a higher cost. This is a great option for advanced players and those who aspire to play competitively through high school and beyond.


There are both age and residency requirements for this league.  Please see the polices page for details.


Please head over to the coaching resources page to fill out an application.  One is required for coaching a traveling team.

Team Information

  • The Travel League and Gopher State Rec League are governed by Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) Players will have an opportunity to participate at one of several levels of play. 
  • “AAA” at ages 10-14 (The most skilled and competitive level)
  • “AA and/or A” (skilled and competitive).
  • “Gopher State Rec” at ages 13-15 (Intended for players that wish to spend less time playing, wish to participate at a less competitive level of play or are still working on fundamental skill development). 
  • Regardless of level of play, SAYB will participate against teams from other communities.
  • Traditionally, teams are made up of 11-12 players per team.

AAA/AA/A Commitment

  • At the AAA or AA/A level, it should be understood that there is a high level of commitment expected from players qualifying to participate on an “AAA or AA/A” team.
  • Players at this level can expect practice, league games and tournaments to be 5-6 days a week, on average.
  • League games occur on weeknights. Association tournaments are Fridays – Sundays, and each travel team will play up to 5 association tournaments. Teams can qualify for up to 2 state tournaments that take place in July.
  • Players and parents need to agree ahead of time to this level of commitment so the team can count on your presence. If you do not wish this level of commitment, please do not plan on occupying the place of a player who is willing to do so. 
  • Practices will begin in late March or early April, and depending on State Tournament participation, the season could conclude in July.
  • At the Travel level, all players are in the batting line up, but  playing time in the field may not be equal.
  • Parents should expect additional costs associated with indoor training early in the season as well as potential hotel costs if state tournament(s) are not in the metro area.

Gopher State Rec League Commitment

  • Players not participating at the AAA or AA/A level will play at the Gopher State Rec League level.
  • If fielding more than one team at the Gopher State Rec Level, the goal is to form teams as equally as possible from a competitive standpoint, meaning team formation based on school attendance, friend requests, or neighborhoods cannot be granted.
  • The Gopher State Rec teams should expect to play 1-2 tournaments, in addition to league play.


  • It is SAYB’s goal to place each player on the correct team based on their skills.  We will use a multi-day tryout process, coaches feedback and a team formation committee to finalize teams.  Please note the tryout process is generally in February, so athletes intending to make travel teams should plan to practice in advance of tryouts.
  • SAYB will use private evaluators for the tryout process.  We have partnered with the MVHS baseball staff, and we will also hire evaluators from local baseball training programs to assist with evaluations.
  • The evaluation process will consist of multiple stations,including: infield, outfield, hitting, running, and throwing. Pitching and catching may or may not be offered, depending on time and location.  Players will know in advance if pitching and catching will be included.