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Residency Requirements & Boundaries

To play in SAYB without a waiver you must live in a location where you will be attending Mounds View High School.

See the district 621 map below and reference the school feeder table on the bottom.

If you live outside of this area you must have an approved waiver to play.  This waiver needs to be approved by SAYB and the organization where you would play baseball.

Valentine Hills students are able to go to either Irondale or Mounds View High School.  Once the student has selected a baseball program they must stick with that program through the 14U season.

Refund Policy

To submit a refund request, please send email to with the following information:

- Include “Refund Request” in the subject line

- Please include the following in the message body:

  • The player’s name
  • Parent’s name
  • League and grade the player was registered in (IE: “rec league, 5th grade”)
  • Reason for the refund

All refunds, at a minimum, will be assessed any transaction charges SAYB has incurred either in the original registration or via the electronic refund process.

Once registration closes, all refunds will be assessed a $40.00 processing fee.

No Refunds will be issued after March 10th for Rec Leagues and February 11th for Traveling Leagues

No Refunds will be issued after April 1st for any reason.

  • Refunds requested after the tryouts and before April 1st, will be granted a refund minus transaction and uniform fees only in the case where there is a medical reason. It will require a written document from a doctor supporting a medical issue that prevents the registered player from participation at any point during the season. 

At no point, will any refund be given if the player or their relative has been dismissed or suspended due to unsportsmanlike behavior or failure to comply with behavior guidelines.

Dual registry is not allowed (SAYB players can only participate on SAYB teams during the season). Players found to be violating this rule are not eligible for a refund.

No refunds, regardless of the date, will be granted if a person attempts to register providing fraudulent data. Example: Date Of Birth, Wrong address, etc.

Approved refunds will be processed no later than August 15th.

SAYB, the SAYB Board and the SAYB Executive Committee reserve the right to modify, amend or eliminate any of the provisions contained in this Fee/Refund Policy at any time. Communication of such changes will be available only on the SAYB website.

Revised 1/4/2023

What is my Baseball Age?

Use the calculator below to figure out your baseball age.  Select the season year first then enter a birthday.