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SAYB Residency Requirements & Boundaries

Current Boundaries

Any player that was enrolled last year of under the old boundary is fully eligible. If they play All Stars a set waiver form will need to be completed but they are eligible. 

To be eligible for play in the SAYB association, the perspective player must meet two conditions of eligibility. First, the player must meet the age requirements for the league of play. Second, the player must be able to meet residency requirements per Little League and MYAS rules and regulations. The SAYB boundary area is generally associated with the 621 school district with extensions to the 623/624 school boundaries. Players who live in the 623 and 624 school district may be eligible to participate in the SAYB program. Please refer to the following paragraphs and attached maps for detailed information regarding eligibility. 

Ages 6 - 12: Little League

                SAYB is affiliated with the Little League International program to offer players ages 6-12 an opportunity to participate in youth baseball. Players who live in the 621/623/624 school districts and are interested in a little league experience can participate in the SAYB program. For players in the 623/624 participants, SAYB would like to encourage these players to consider all options to determined which baseball experience meets the players needs in the best manner possible. Both Roseville and White Bear Lake School Districts have youth programs that participate in the MYAS Gopher State Program that may or may not meet the needs of each individual family. Please refer to the Boundaries Map for Ages 6-12 (below) to verify the player’s residency requirements. To be eligible to play in SAYB association, the player must meet one of two requirements:

1)  The child’s family must reside inside the red area of the Little League boundary map.


2) The child’s family may live outside SAYB’s boundaries, but attend a school inside the red area of the Little League boundary map.  For additional information see:

It is important to note when trying to meet the residency requirement #2, the family must prove the child is attending a school with-in SAYB boundaries AND receive approval from SAYB prior to registering your child for a SAYB league.

Please contact for additional questions.

Ages 13 - 15: Big League

            SAYB is affiliated with the MYAS baseball association to offer players ages 13-15 a range of youth baseball opportunities. Traditional SAYB borders for this age group have included portions of the 623/624 school district. A boundary map (Boundaries for Ages 13-15) is provided below.  As always, if living within the red area highlighted on this map, players are eligible to participate in the SAYB program. Players living outside of the area in yellow, but within the 623/624 school district are eligible to participate in the SAYB program. However, if not living within our traditional boundaries (area in “green” on the map) the participant must obtain approval from their local baseball association (Either WBL or Roseville) prior to registration. Finally, players attending a school in the 621 school district but live out side the boundaries are eligible to participate, however they must provide proof they attend a school within our boundaries.

Age 16: VFW & MYAS

            SAYB typically affiliates with the Mounds View High School to administrate their VFW program.  If enough players are interested, SAYB may form a second team to participate in a MYAS U16 league.  Please see additional information on the 16-19 registration page.  Registration for the 16 year old program usually opens in early April.      

Age 17/18/19: MYAS

            SAYB is affiliated with the MYAS association to offer players age 17/18/19 baseball opportunities for players who live within the 621 School district, or attend either Mounds View or Irondale High School. A boundary map (Boundaries for Ages 16-19) is provided below.  Registration for the 17-19 league usually opens in early April.


If you wish to validate your eligibility with SAYB prior to registering, please send the player name, date of birth and home address to