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Registration Fees & Fee Policy

2017 Registration Fees

 Registration fees are established annually by the SAYB Board. These fees are based on actual costs such as uniforms, league fees, umpires, training fees, field/facility rental, insurance, equipment and other costs relevant to the operation and administration of the SAYB baseball program. All fees must be paid before a player will be assigned to a team.


Registration closes on February 28th for Little League and February 16th for Big League.


Little League (Ages 7-12)




Dec 15 - Jan 31


Feb 1 – Feb 28


After Feb 28

Instructional (Ages 6-8)




Jr. Minor (Ages 9-10)




National & American

(Ages 11-12)






Big League (Ages 13-15)




Dec 15 – Jan 31


Feb 1 – Feb 16


After - Feb 16

Big League - Ages 13 to 15






* Note – Late registrations will only be made available by the league Vice President. Players will be placed on teams only if there is available space. Players registering late will not be eligible for National League or Traveling Team tryouts and will be placed on American League teams for Little League, or the in-house North Star League for Big League.


Please refer to the website for further information on Senior Big League registration.


Senior Big League (Ages 16-19)





Ages 16 to 19


*Registration will open in early April for Senior Big League.


For additional information please reference the: SAYB Registration Fee & Fee Policy.


Traveling/Tournament Fees

  • Examples of Traveling Tournament Teams
    • Jr. Minor – Players are 10 year olds that are selected based on tryouts for post season tournament play.  
    • Little League – Players are 11 and 12 year olds selected for the tournament teams based on regular season play.
    • Big League – Fees are assessed to all players who make an “AAA”, “AA”, or “A” tournament team.
  • Beyond the initial registration fees for individuals selected to participate on Traveling/Tournament teams, there may be additional costs (to cover upgraded uniforms, tournament registration, gate fees, etc.).  These fees are dependent on the applicable league and are only assessed to those players who qualify.  Known Traveling/Tournament fees must be paid in full prior to the first tournament appearance. Additional fees will be assessed at year end based on actual costs exceeding the amount originally collected. Example: Big League Teams who qualify for and elect to play in more than one State Tournament.
  • SAYB will pay for one season ending tournament per team. This will not include gate fees if applicable.  
  • There will be a $35.00 NSF check charge.