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For the 2018 season, SAYB will provide a limited number of scholarships for eligible participants. To be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must be able to demonstrate need. SAYB will consider demonstrated need based on whether the applicant is participating in the Free and Reduced Priced Meals school lunch program or is eligible for the Free and Reduced Priced Meals program.



·         No scholarships will be awarded for tournament or traveling team fees.

·         Scholarships must be applied for prior to registering.

·         Scholarship applications must be received during the regular or extended registration period for the league.  Scholarships requested during the late sign up period will not be granted, nor will scholarships be granted after the season has started.

·         After the scholarship application is approved, the applicant will register electronically (will require a credit card) in the league of choice.


Scholarship Benefit:

The scholarship benefit is a 50% discount on registration fee.


Eligibility Requirement:

1. Proof of residency (Must meet the residency requirements for the league of choice) and proof of age of the applicant (birth certificate).

2. Applicant shall provide a copy of approved "Free and Reduced Price Meals Application" approval letter from the attending school.


Scholarship Application Process:

1. Applicant must meet the eligibility requirements above.  

2. Send email to containing the following information:

            - Subject line: SAYB Scholarship application for (applicant’s name).

            - Address of the applicant.

            - Age of the applicant as April 30, 2018 for Big League players, September 1st, 2018 for Little League players.

            - League intending to register for (IE: Junior Minor, Big League etc.)

            - Attach an electronic copy of the Free and Reduced School Meals approval letter.


When the scholarship is approved, you’ll receive special registration instructions on how to register at the scholarship rate.