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2018 Big League Tryout Info

By SAYB, 01/30/18, 10:45PM CST


Shoreview Area Youth Baseball welcomes your son or daughter into the Big League Program! This level includes traveling (AAA & AA) as well as “in-house” North Star League teams.  Please see the below information for details pertaining to the leagues, tryout information and more. Have a great season and we look forward to seeing your child participating in the skill evaluation!


FIRST ROUND TRYOUT DATE:            Saturday, February 17, 2018:

  • All 13 yr-olds                                                              Evaluation Time:  9:00am – 10:30am
  • All 14 yr-olds                                                              Evaluation Time:  10:45am – 12:15pm
  • All 15 yr-olds                                                              Evaluation Time:  12:45pm – 2:15pm
  • All ages who could not attend earlier session         Evaluation Time:  2:30pm – 4:00pm
  • Check-ins will begin approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of each session.
  • Please make every effort to attend the appropriate time slot. If a conflict arises, please attend the last session. If the assigned time or the final session is not an option, please attend any of the other listed session (it is not necessary to contact a SAYB official).
  • If attending a session outside of your age group, SAYB would like the parents to understand that evaluators may be different than the ones evaluating the age appropriate session. Each evaluator does score differently. By participating in a session outside of the one assigned, each player and family acknowledges the potential for a variance in scores. 
  • Failure to complete the evaluation unless there is a unique circumstance or doctor documented injury (either must be approved by the SAYB Executive committee prior to the evaluation date), results in that player automatically being placed on a North Star League team.
  • This is the only date we will be conducting the tryouts – unfortunately we will not be able to offer an alternative option for those who have a schedule conflict with the above date.


LOCATION:      Hamline University Walker Fieldhouse – 1536 Hewitt Avenue – St. Paul, MN (south of football stadium). Enter at the door for the racquetball courts (east side of the Fieldhouse).


COST:  There is no additional cost to participate in the tryouts.




  • At this level, evaluation (tryout) scores are the basis for team formation for both the Traveling and North Star teams. The goal of the process is to insure players are placed at the level where they will have the greatest opportunity to develop their skills. SAYB strongly encourages all 13 – 15 year old players to attend tryouts (even those who wish to be excluded from traveling team consideration).
  • The Hamline University Baseball program has been providing SAYB an impartial evaluation for many years. They have demonstrated experience in conducting an unbiased tryout process and we are excited to be working with them again this year.
  • Hamline’s evaluation is very similar to what a player would experience when attending a baseball clinic. Our experience has been combining the feel of a clinic with the tryout process is less stressful, allowing the player to focus and assisting in reaching an impartial overall understanding of a player’s ability.
  • Players will participate in each of the below stations and will be scored by the Hamline coaching staff / team at each station:
    • (3) Hitting Stations (1/6 of overall score each): Players will hit off a tee; players will hit at a short toss station; and players hit pitches from a pitching machine (speed will vary but generally will range between 53-60 MPH).
    • Infield Station (1/6 of overall score): Players will receive ground balls from a machine, field the ball and throw back to a 1st baseman.
    • Outfield Station (1/6 of overall score): Players will start in various locations, receive fly balls from a pitching machine, catch the ball and throw to a cutoff man.
    • Arm Strength Station (1/6 of overall score): Players will throw the ball back and forth to another player – gradually increasing the distance.
  • Evaluators are  taking into account many factors such as technique, bat speed, contact point, fielding form, throwing ability (accuracy & strength), footwork, etc.
  • Evaluators have the option to ask a player to repeat any of the above stations (if needed).
  • Upon completion of the tryouts, the Hamline coaching staff will provide SAYB with the overall scores for each player. No SAYB officials or volunteers will have any input in the scoring process. Prior participation on any SAYB team will have no bearing on the player placement.



  • Results of the First Round Tryouts will be posted on the SAYB website (   
  • Players qualifying for consideration for an AAA/AA Traveling Team will be asked to participate in our Second Round Tryouts held at the Vadnais Sports Center on March 25th, 2018. Qualifying players will be posted on the SAYB.ORG website approximately 2 weeks after the first session is completed.
  • SAYB assigned evaluators (who do not have a child at this age group) and team coaches at this level will facilitate the Second Round Tryouts. All teams will be finalized and players notified no later than April 10th 2018
  • Players qualifying for the AAA/AA 2nd round evalaution are expected to participate at the highest level they qualify for based on their tryout. Once the First Round Tryouts are completed and a player attains the AAA/AA pool, they can’t opt to opt out of the 2nd round of tryouts to automatically play at AA level.  If players do not wish to participate at the highest level of play from their pool, it is assumed they are interested lower competitive experience and they will be placed on a North Star team.




  • SAYB’s goal in the formation of North Star teams is to achieve a balanced level of talent across all teams. Teams are formed based on a number of factors (tryout scores, residence location, school attending, etc.).
  • Special requests for team/buddy placement cannot be guaranteed on the North Star teams.
  • Final selection of North Star coaches will be determined by coaching ability and past experience.


  • Tennis shoes must be worn at tryouts – NO SPIKES.
  • Players are to bring their glove, helmet, bat, batting gloves and protective cup.
  • Bats must meet MYAS specifications (refer to equipment tab for specifications).
  • Although the Hamline evaluators do not know any of the SAYB players or prior uniforms, please avoid wearing shirts or caps indicating the player’s name or previous tournament team participation.
  • Tryout participants will have a tryout number (sticker) attached to their shirt. It is helpful if the players wear a cotton shirt and avoid wearing “Under Armour” nylon type shirts.
  • All players are highly encouraged to practice batting, catching and throwing in advance of tryouts. Players should arrive ready to play – no accommodation will be made for a “rusty” player.



  • Traveling Teams are a more intense level of baseball which requires a greater degree of commitment.  Teams will participate in practices or games 3 – 4 days during the weekdays and will play approximately 4 – 6 weekend tournaments potentially beginning in late April and through-out, the months of May, June and July.  Teams qualifying for State Tournaments could continue to play through the second weekend in August.  Players and parents should agree ahead of time to that level of commitment so that the team can count on your presence. If you do not wish for this level of commitment, please do not occupy the place of a player who is willing to do so. It is requested that family vacations or participation in camps for other sports, take place after the second weekend in August.
  • Players making a Traveling Team should expect additional fees of about $200-$450 per player above the initial registration. This fee covers tournament entry fees and the cost of upgraded uniforms, State Tournaments (Should a team qualify) & Gate fees.  
  • Please try to keep the tryout process in perspective. Ultimately the goal of a tryout/evaluation process is to place players on teams where they will have the best chance for success and overall skill development. 
  • Please contact Michael Anderson via the SAYB website with any questions (or 651-592-6744).