Played in conjunction with Centennial Lakes Little League

Tee Ball: 4 - 5 years old

Coach Pitch: 6 year olds

Registration is completed through Centennial Lakes Little League and Centennial is responsible for forming the teams.

Shoreview area youth 4 to 6 years old play ball with the Centennial Lakes Little League. SAYB has developed a longstanding partnership with Centennial Lakes Little League to offer 4 - 6 year olds the opportunity to play in their tee-ball and coach pitch leagues.

  • Interested players age five and six from within the 621/623/624 school boundaries are invited to participate.

  • All games will be played at Lexington Memorial Park in the city of Lexington.

  • If you have questions about these leagues please contact 763-780-3836 or refer to the Centennial Lakes Little League website for further information.