Instructional League

6 - 8 years of age (Primarily grades K-2)

For the 2018 season, a player's birth date must be between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2012 and meet residency requirements for eligibility.

  • Please note: An electronic copy of a birth certificate will be required to register in Instructional League. Either scan or take a digital picture of the birth certificate and submit the image in the appropriate field on the Electronic Signatures page.
  • Games are typically played on Mondays and Wednesday evenings.

  • Teams are formed as best we can by neighborhoods.

  • Coaches pitch to their own teams and the emphasis is on player and team development.

  • One friend request is accepted. Friends MUST request each other or the request will not be honored. Friend requests are NOT guaranteed.

  • Player may indicate that they prefer to play for a different coach than the prior year coach

  • Team placement requests are not considered. one... two... three...

Register now for the lowest rate. Registration rates will increase Feb 1.