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Age Cutoff Dates

Age Determination Cutoff Dates for the 2021 Season

The following will help determine which league you should register your child for the 2020 baseball season. The SAYB registration section of our website ( will automatically confirm you are registering your child in the appropriate league.

  • Instructional League: Ages 6-8 (Primarily grades K-2) â€‹Players born 9/1/2012 – 8/31/2015.

  • Junior Minor League: Ages 9-10 (Primarily grades 3-4) Players born 9/1/2010 – 8/31/2013 (includes "play-up" dates).

  • Amer. & Nat. League: Ages 11-12 (Primarily grades 5-6) Players born 9/1/2008 – 8/31/2011 (includes "play-up" dates).

  • Big League: ages 13-15  (Primarily grades 7-9) Player's birth date must be between May 1, 2005 and April 30, 2009

2020 SAYB Age Chart based of August 31st cutoff. 

  • Age        Oldest                  Youngest
  • 6              09/01/14              08/31/15
  • 7              09/01/13              08/31/14
  • 8              09/01/12              08/31/13
  • 9              09/01/11              08/31/12
  • 10           09/01/10              08/31/11
  • 11           09/01/09              08/31/10
  • 12           09/01/08              08/31/09

Players Born May 1, 2008 through August 31, 2008


Ballplayers having a birthday between the dates of May 1, 2008 and August 31, 2008 and have two options that are unique to players with this birth date range for the 2021 season.

To provide some background, as you might know, a few years ago, SAYB migrated from the prior date of 5/1 to the new Little League International redefined date of 9/1 that establishes how to determine a player’s age. SAYB also participates in other leagues as players progress beyond 12 years of age. As a player moves to 13 years of age, we move from Little League International Governance to Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS). MYAS utilizes the old date of 5/1 to determine a player's age. This created a unique scenario for SAYB and leagues like SAYB that play Little League through 12 years old and then switch over to MYAS as players grow older.  

In a nutshell, for 2021, Little League players are considered to be 12 years of age if they are born between September 1, 2008 - August 31, 2009. For MYAS, on the other hand, the age cutoff is May 1.  For example, if a player is 12 on May 1, 2021, then that player is considered to be a 12 year old for the 2021 season, if a player is 13 on May 1, 2021, then that player is considered to be a 13 year old for the 2021 season, and so on.

Thus, players like your son born between May 1, 2008 and August 31, 2008 are too old to play 2020 Little League as 12 year olds, yet not quite fully defined as a 13 year old for the other leagues.  Given that SAYB does not have teams in place for MYAS or other leagues for players 12 and under, we have two options for players falling into this category. We have used these two options over the past two years and have found that they generally work well.

Option 1

You may register your ballplayer as a 13 year old. He would then participate in Big League tryouts currently scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2021 at Bethel University. More details on Big League can be found on the website and more information regarding tryouts, including a second round, will be communicated at a later date.

Option 2

You may register your ballplayer as an American League(AL)/National League(NL) player for the regular season. He would then participate in NL/AL tryouts scheduled for Sunday, February 21, 2021 at Bethel University. More details about tryouts will be communicated at a later date.

If you choose Option 2, your ballplayer may play in the NL if drafted in the NL draft. However, because Little League defines a player’s age eligibility, he will NOT be eligible to play in the NL All-Star postseason tournaments at the end of the year (i.e., Little League District tournament and others).  This is due to these tournaments being governed by the age restrictions outlined above. Your ballplayer will, however, be eligible to be considered for a team in the AL All-Star postseason tournaments.  This is because these tournaments, unlike the Little League District tournament, are not governed by the age restrictions outlined above.  Please note that your son is not guaranteed to be on an All-Star tournament team.  Rather, he is only eligible for consideration based on the same selection criteria used for all players in that group.